Pukekohe Daycare Centre

Wise Owl is a boutique Daycare Centre located in Pukekohe

This Daycare in Pukekohe is so homely and welcoming. With 100% experienced and  registered teachers this daycare centre is just what you are looking for. We are a team of loving, respectful, passionate teachers and we all love what we do. Your child is at the very heart of the matter and we develop strong and very authentic relationships with each and every person who joins our Wise Owl family.

When you come in and meet us, you will see and feel the peaceful and unhurried energy in our daycare. Our children feel so happy to come and stay at daycare and really feel like they belong. The way that the teachers and whaanau build relationships to really make the most of these early learning years is something we are all very proud of. We pride ourselves on our very authentic philosophy and we are always putting the children’s holistic weel being at the centre of our planning.

We have many children who have siblings or cousins, and they love being together in a mixed childcare centre.

This is one of our unique things. To be all together, not separated by age.

Your children can spend their days together at daycare and be in a loving and fun environment.

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