Who we are

Wise Owl Early Learning Centre Pukekohe is tucked away in the quiet residential area on John Street – beside the “Big Slide” park, Samuel Miller Reserve.

Our centre has a unique homely feel and we consider it to be a second home.

We have a strong focus on authentic connections with people, love and nurture alongside high quality care and education. This creates a balance in an unhurried environment, that is also full of energy.

We are a “mixed age group” child care centre. This means we keep our children together as much as possible to foster and encourage social choices that are not limited to age.

We have wonderfully spacious open-plan rooms (double the size required by the ministry of education) where teachers and children can engage in meaningful and teachable moments.

Ko Taupiri te Maunga – Our mountain is Taupiri
Ko Waikato te Awa – Our river is Waikato
Ko Manukau te Moana – Our sea is Manukau
He puna ana ahau e te whare Kohungahunga ko Wise Owl Early Learning Centre no Pukekohe –Our early learning centre is Wise Owl Early Learning Centre in Pukekohe

Introducing the Owner

Hello, I am Anette Blair and I am the proud owner/manager of Wise Owl Early Learning Centre (ELC).

After 20 years teaching in early childhood education I honestly believe it is my calling to establish a loving, respectful, and unhurried centre, which the children can embrace as  a home away from home.

Healthy and planet friendly

We place high value on being hygienic and safe. In our environment we use biodegradable products. Our centre is cleaned professionally every night using planet friendly resources and products and we have limited use of plastic bags, being mindful of how we nurture our Mother Earth.  We recycle and re-use as much as we can. And we role model this for our families and children. We have a well informed team on up to date procedures and healthy practice – especially currently around Covid 19. We pride ourselves on our commitment to keeping everyone as safe as possible.


Here at Wise Owl Early Learning Centre we have a passion for developing connections between people that will provide a solid platform for confidence in self and in life long learning.

Contribution to our Community * We give back to our community – from our hearts,  we support CCS (disability support services) and I AM HOPE on an ongoing basis in the hope that we can help those who need a little help right now.

Mission & Whakatauki

Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work.
Ko te ahurei o te tamati arahia o tatou mahi


Our philosophy is guided by the principles of Te Whaariki (NZ Early Childhood Curriculum Document) and is embedded within our practice.

Empowerment~Whakamana & Holistic Development~Kotahitanga

Kaiako empower tamariki and each other through mana enhancing practices that support us all to grow holistically. We are nurtured in the knowledge that we are loved and respected; fostering  physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. We are all valued as rangatira and are encouraged to lead our own unique learning journey. This grows mana and wairua and gives tamariki and kaiako the confidence to discover and explore the world in our own time.  We are empowered to be lifelong learners and this reaffirms us as unique individuals and leaders in our own right.

We “understand that children develop holistically and need a broad and rich curriculum that enables them to grow their capabilities across all dimensions” (Ministry of Education, 2017). We strive to inspire and encourage tamariki to be proud of who they are and where they come from.  With the support of genuine nurturing kaiako who are reflective, present and available tamariki are noticed, valued and respected.

Family and Community~Whaanau tangata   &   Relationships~Ngaa hononga

Ngaa tamariki emerging skills and attitudes are fostered through warm, responsive and reciprocal relationships. We value uninterrupted play where tamariki can engage in meaningful experiences that enhance the Maaori concepts of ako and tuakana-teina, where tamarki of all ages can be together and learn from one another. We believe that through shared learning experiences kaiako can offer tamariki guidance and respond with intentional teaching opportunities that extend upon their interests.

We believe in building and maintaining authentic relationships through whakawhanaungatanga and aroha; enabling kin and communities to strengthen ties between one another. This value is the essential glue that binds people together, providing the foundation for a sense of unity, belonging and cohesion. Kaiako are strong role models for tamariki and influence the way they understand the world around them and foster a sense of connectedness and respect for the environment.

This lays the foundation to develop and understand concepts around nurturing and sustainability. An understanding of kaitiakitanga sets tamariki on a pathway to be guardians of nature, to interact with Papatuuaanuku and Ranginui and all living beings in a respectful way.

Philosophy Glossary

Mana : Authority to lead       Wairua : Spirit 

Ako : Co-construction of learning       Tuakana-teina : Teaching and learning between older and younger children

Whakawhanaungatanga : Establishing relationships         Aroha : Love

Kaitiakitanga: Guardianship            Tamariki : Children          Kaiako: Teacher

Papatuuaanuku : Earth mother        Ranginui : Sky Father           Ngaa: Plural


Nourishment of body

We provide nutritious homely meals, all made at Wise Owl fresh daily.  Our kitchen is the heart of our centre.  Our rituals include self care, coming together as a group and meal times. Our change and meal times are unhurried and valued as a special time to bond and share.

Nourishment of mind

We encourage interest in learning – predicting – planning – spontaneous ideas – positive self esteem. Routines and rituals help us to know and understand about times when we need to do certain things.

We have clear boundaries.
We support self regulation and social competence

Nourishment of soul and spirit

At Wise Owl we encourage children to be themselves and love themselves.
To enjoy life and celebrate each day.
To accept and embrace similarities and differences.
We notice, recognise and respond to each and every child.


Te Whariki

Te Whāriki is underpinned by a vision for children who are competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.

More on Te Whāriki Here

Nurturing, passionate Teachers

The Wise Owl teaching team has been carefully selected to embrace these philosophies.  They work alongside each other and our children to nurture and support each child in their journey of growth and learning about their world.

Meet our team here

Our Latest ERO report

The Education Review Office evaluates and reports on the education and care of children and young people in early childhood services and schools.

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