Pukekohe Childcare

Wise Owl is a boutique Pukekohe Childcare Centre

This childcare centre in the heart of  Pukekohe is located beside Samuel Miller Reserve.  With 100% experienced and  registered teachers this childcare centre is just what you are looking for.

Our location allows us to be out in our community in a very safe and relaxed part of town. Away from the hussle and bussle. Over the warmer months we enjoy visits to Samuel Miller reserve and the park is so exciting for all.

It has the big slide, the swings, the rolling hills and when your child is with us at the childcare centre, we can see the park over our fence.

We often go for picnics and a big run. Traditionally, Children’s Day has been held at Samuel Miller reserve and it a huge community event for families.

We have a very natural, nurturing and fun way of teaching and learning here at our childcare centre.

We have many children who have siblings or cousins, and they love being together in a mixed childcare centre.

This is one of our unique things. To be all together, not separated by age.

Your children can spend their days together at daycare and be in a loving and fun environment.

Our families are always welcome and we pride ourselves in the connections that we make with you. We work together as a team to ensure that your aspirations for your children are followed through in our environment and we offer guidance with anything we can.

Our team is very professional and we will go above and beyond to help.

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