Christa - "Wise Owl has such a friendly, family atmosphere. Its like a warm, caring community. Everyone is very caring. I also like that my child is not restricted by a particular programme. He is free to develop and just to be himself. I definitely like it a lot."

Rachel - "I really like all the little nooks where children can choose to play. The environment suits my children as they can feel comfortable to participate. My daughter can be a bit shy but she can always find a space where she is comfortable. I looked at other centres that were too big and open which did not feel comfortable.. I really like it. My daughter really enjoys the craft activities and often uses the ideas at home as well."

Louise - "I feel that the children get to really enjoy their childhood here, rather than being pressured into a specific learning programme. My eldest was well ready for school when she started and I wouldn’t change a thing about the way she enjoyed the programme while developing all the right skills. At Wise Owl she also developed strong relationships that have stayed with her while moving on to school."

Natasha - "I love Wise Owl. It is such a warm and inviting centre. My daughter loves going to school everyday to play with her friends and see her teachers. The staff are what makes the place, they are friendly and approachable, my daughter and I are always welcomed with a smile and they always go the extra mile. My daughter has a great relationship with her teachers and always talks positively and lovingly about them. Wise Owl provides a beautiful environment that encourages learning and exploration which my daughter has thrived in. She has developed so much since starting there and has learnt a lot. Wise Owl is an amazing, loving, beautiful, warm and friendly centre that I would recommend to everyone."

Netti - "I was referred to Wise Owl by somebody whose child attends here. It is close to where I live. But I like that staff are friendly. It is safe. My daughter likes coming here so much. She like painting and dough. At home she tries to copy the things the teachers have shown her - like making muffins. She always talks about her friends and teachers. I can tell she is happy. You include mixed culture - like making the tapa - and my daughter is learning so much. She uses lots of different new words at home."

Hepi - "I like the stories the teachers write about what the children have been doing. Its great to get the e-mail saying there is a new story. It helps me feel connected. I like the approach fullness of staff. I do not feel out of place and my children enjoy coming here. There's a great variety of activities and the stories and information provide an important link for me. When I come in the centre is clean and fresh. It feels nice. The level of care - I feel confident and secure to leave my children here."

Helen - "The purpose built building with 3 different areas was important when I first started and my daughter was a baby. Great teaching staff with individual attention to children and their interests. Everyone is always so welcoming and happy to answer questions or talk about my child's day. The centre is lovely, its clean and fresh with lots of things going on, and, of course, lovely food. I am comfortable to bring my child here and she enjoys being here."

Lisa - "I love the whole place. All the staff and everything. Its all great. I looked at lots and lots before I found this place and I can tell you this is the best in Pukekohe."

Natalie - "Its small and like home. He's happy to come here. There's always new things to try. You guys are always changing things up and always keep parents involved."

Amanda - "I really like the small family feel. They really like coming here. I like all the activities - I mean the extra curricular events too like movie night and teddy bears picnic - how you always include the family. Others I looked at were all too big but I found this was lovely."

Kim - " I love the small family feel. Awesome teachers. Really fits my child's nature. More personal touch like an extension of the family."

Julia - "When I was looking around I came around with my Mum. I liked the feel of this place - nice and warm. I like that it is small and particularly suits my child's nature. She is comfortable to participate."

Molly - "My daughter was at Wise Owls ELC from the age of two, through to when she started school at age five. I liked that Wise Owls had flexible hours and provided lunch and snacks for her. I also appreciated that a lot of the learning focus was directed by the students and guided by their interests. There were lots of opportunities for learning that they could participate in that were additional to the set hours, and my daughter always enjoyed that there were a range of activities that she could join in at any time. The learning groups are small, and she formed wonderful long lasting relationships with her teachers."

Jessica - "What set Wise Owl apart for me was that it felt that you gave a crap. I had an unusual situation and you were great – offering to do what you could to help me. I really like the centre. It is very welcoming and has a lovely feeling of home about it."

Danielle - "I would just like to say how easy you have made the transition for me and my son as I join the work force again. Zakk always has a smile on his face when I drop him off and pick him up, he is learning new things everyday which gives me great comfort when I am working such long days. I would also like to highly recommend Ellen who keeps me updated with Zakks world at day care and always makes time for us. No matter how stressed she may feel on the inside Ellen never shows this outwardly – Zakk is very fond of her. I also find it extremely comforting that you have a male role model that Zakk can look up too working at the centre. Zakk naturally gravitates towards males and is very close to his father so it is great to see that he will grow up in an environment that has both female and male teachers. Thanks for taking great care of Zakk,"

Nicole - "I enrolled my daughter Hayley in Wise Owl Early Learning Centre in her 4th year. She loved going to Wise Owl four days a week and spending time with her favourite teacher Angela. The way in which they nurture the children is fabulous and allows the children to take the lead in what they want to learn. They also offer a great catering service that gives the children a nutritional and well balanced diet. I would highly recommend Wise Owl as a safe and happy environment for any child."