Learning Areas


Our infant room allows for a small group of no more than 10 infants to receive care and attention to their individual needs. Infants feel secure in a non-threatening home-like environment where our warm and caring staff can easily respond to each child’s own routines and rhythms. We believe that routines such as feeding and changing times are valuable bonding times between caregiver and child. Mothers are welcome to call in to breast-feed their child at any time if they wish.

Developmentally appropriate chairs and tables are used for the more mobile children, which empowers them to learn to sit at the table independently without the need to be restrained. The children are also able to begin to make choices such as if and for how long they wish to participate when there are table-top activities on offer. Low furniture provides stable surfaces for young children to pull themselves up onto while also facilitating the child’s choice of play materials; and our infant loft provides a further dimension for their play.

Our teachers will sensitively observe your child at play and information regarding your child’s interests and routines will be recorded and sent home each day.


At this active stage toddlers need direction and focus to strengthen their new skills and develop them into useful strategies for exploration and learning. Toddlers’ needs and understandings will vary hugely from day to day as they extend the boundaries of their world then revert to the familiarity and comfort of what they already know. This room provides areas for independent exploration, small group work, creative work and areas for movement. It also provides quiet areas for reading or reflection, and an area to facilitate group or class discussions.

Toddlers will begin to show awareness of others and will develop skills that enable them to work in a group situation alongside other toddlers.  With a group size of no more than 12 children our knowledgeable teachers will provide a range of stimulating learning opportunities to support and strengthen your child’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual and language development. Observations and photographs of children at play will be undertaken regularly and these will be used in consultation with parents to help to determine the appropriate programme pace and content for each child.


By this stage your child will be developing an interest in exploring and problem-solving for things that they do not understand. They will often ask a barrage of questions to help them to better understand their world and their creative work will become more representational and expressive. As their understandings broaden they will begin to recognize nonsense explanations and develop their sense of humour.Our skilled staff will facilitate both short and long term investigations of children’s interests and share alongside your child in the learning opportunities that develop. Observations and photographs will be undertaken of your child at play and these will be recorded as part of your child’s learning story. This will be used in consultation with families to determine programme content and development for your child.