In order for children to feel comfortable and empowered in this learning environment we have taken care to design our centre as a warm,family-like place with the developmental needs of children in mind. We have included features such as the separate kitchen, dining and lounge areas with fireplace, and the natural outdoor spaces to support a sense of belonging for children and to encourage families to feel welcome at in our Centre. We hope you will take some time to enjoy these spaces with us as partnerships between families and centre staff are a central part of our philosophy. We believe that strong partnerships enable us to share understandings of your child's development and needs and thus provide optimum care for your child. We also believe that your child will feel more secure knowing that you are leaving them in a place that you are comfortable in and know you can trust.

At Wise Owl Early Learning Centre we aim to develop the basis of a life-long interest in learning. Children will develop a range of skills for learning about and understanding their world as they are busy at their play. These skills will be encouraged through a combination of activities that are carefully planned to facilitate specific learning outcomes for children, and spontaneous activities that arise from the children's exploration and interests. Our staff are fun-loving, knowledgeable, skillfull and collaborative teachers who support our quality care and education experiences for children and their families.

We believe that each child deserves to have opportunities that suit their particular stage of development rather than fitting in with a programme that may be either too challenging or not challenging enough. To achieve this we work alongside families and within the framework of the curriculum for early childhood education – Te Whariki - to provide holistic learning opportunities for all young children.

In the heart of our centre we have included communal areas that provide for mixed-age group activities and parent gatherings; and we have also designed three separate learning areas which we have based on the Te Whariki guidelines. We believe this will enable staff to provide more flexibility within the programmes they are able to offer at each level