NOW OWNED BY Anette Blair

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About Wise Owl


My passion for connections between people became the vision to develop a place where all people feel welcome, respected and supported. I believe that authentic relationships play a large role in developing confident and competent children.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster an enjoyment of success in relationships and self, in an educational environment where children and families can relax and be themselves. Connected to people.

Why choose us?

  • We are a locally owned family business
  • We are good at what we do
  • We care for your children like they are our own

About Us 

Haere mai - Welcome to Wise Owl.

My name is Anette Blair and I have been teaching in Early Childhood Education for 20 years. I have taught for 5 years in Papakura, 4 years at Waiau Pa Kindergarten and 11 years locally in Pukekohe.

My experience and passion for meaningful connecting between people big and small became the vision to create a place that values and respects all of the people connected to it.

 It has been a dream of mine to lead a centre where people feel strong connections with each other and where integrity, respect and good old fashioned values are implemented. Our centre will nurture not only our children, but also our families.

Our Centre

At Wise Owl we focus on knowing our children and families well. We walk alongside you as partners in developing resilient, respectful, happy children, who learn about values and meaningful life skills.

We role model and teach in ways that show children how to learn.

Meal Times

At Wise Owl we believe in a positive attitude towards meal times and food. We have meals that children love. They are nutritious and home made. We provide, Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack.


I have known Anette for 9 months.  She is the reason why I transferred my 2 year old from another preschool.  Upon meeting her, I knew I wanted my son in her care.
Anette is a very warm, welcoming and sincere person.  She has an excellent rapport with both children and parents.  She is considerate and caring towards the children in her care and treats them with the utmost respect and kindness.  She seems to have endless patience and a true passion for ECE.
Professionally she is a highly dedicated and inspiring teacher.  She goes above and beyond to help the children settle into preschool life and she ensures parents feel comfortable with leaving their child in her care.  She creates a safe, nurturing, learning environment for all.

Personally, having a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Global Developmental Delay, Anette has always encouraged him to join in and feel included in preschool life.  She has been so very supportive to his different learning needs and open to learning more about how she can help him.  She attended an Autism workshop with  me called, “Ways to Play” to develop techniques on how to help engage my son in play.  For this I am forever grateful.

If I saw her when I picked my son up, she always had something positive to tell me about his dalacey and we would enjoy light hearted laughter at some of my sons quirky behaviour and random things he had done that day.  Anette also kept me informed if he had eaten enough or had a nap.  She understood and respected my need to know such things to help my son cope with the evening routine.  This shows that communication is a strong point of hers, which I truly appreciated.

In summary, I highly recommend Anette for any position or endeavour that she may seek to pursue.

She will be a valuable asset for any organisation.

Megan Burford

Dear Annette – I  love the focus that the centre puts on the children learning and exploring – not just being dropped off at a place where they are only really effectively being babysat.  I believe a huge part of the learning culture is due to your standards and expectations.  These are some big shoes to fill.

Rochelle Keown